FRASE is a singer, producer & multi-instrumentalist who grew up in Montreal and migrated to the mountains and music scene of British Columbia in 2017.  With authenticity and lyrical finesse, his buttery, soulful voice sits atop of an arsenal of bass-heavy productions that push the boundaries of contemporary electronic music.  
With a live DJ style based off the classic sound systems of Dub, the mixing of House, and the MC’s of Hip-Hop, FRASE performs a hybrid Live/ Electronic set: singing, dancing, playing guitar and keys while looping and dubbing his productions. His stream lined live set up allows FRASE to straddle between two worlds: the live indie electronica scene, and EDM festival circuit.  
Amplifying the performance aspect of the FRASE live show, and taking things to the big stage is dancer, percussionist, & vocalist Embody MVMT.   She is a trained Contemporary dancer with years of experience in street dances: B-Girling, Popping and House. Their love story and dance collaboration began on the subs while opening for Fat Boy Slim in 2016 and they have been a power couple on a mission to move people ever since.   
FRASE and Embody MVMT are lighting up crowds at world-class music festivals such as Bass Coast, Kaslo Jazz, Shambhala (4 years running), Pop Montreal, Canadian Music Week, Astral Harvest, and Tiny Lights.  In the past 5 years they have been touring non-stop and have supported and shared the stage with such artists as: Dub Fx, Bonobo, Bedouin Soundclash, Fat Boy Slim, Noisia, Moontricks, The Funk Hunters,  I M U R,  Skiitour, Caracol, & Delhi 2 Dublin.  All over Canada, Italy, Germany, and India. 

Want to hear about the story of how they met?  Check out this Podcast with the Bajada Dialoges.

“FRASE recently released a bouncy, groove-driven new single titled “Paddlin'” that highlights his ability to blend smooth, nostalgic sounds with modern production. Along with the song is a video that conveys FRASE’s energetic and charming presence”
Triple HQ
“There’s no denying the levels of top notch creativity on display throughout Frase’s new video for “Paddlin.” From the video’s clever and aesthetically-pleasing storyboard to the song’s ambidextrous delivery and variety of impressive flows, the versatile BC artist’s latest single has a lot to offer, throwing curve balls every other pitch.”
- Still Crew
”The multi-instrumentalist effortlessly blends together big-sounding modern EDM technologies with crazy guitar licks, and amazing vocals to add a unique sensual and soulful touch. It’s no wonder he cites Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix, and Disclosure as influences.”
- The Main MTL
“This one man show featured an amazing voice, great guitar riffs and VERY BIG beats. If you like very musical Hip-Hop, Future Soul & Electro dub you need to check out FRASE, you will be thoroughly entertained.”
- Recording Arts Canada
“Everytime I hear FRASE his voice blows me away! I love the soulful grooves he lays down and his unique stage presence.”
- Dub FX
"Super lushful electronics and vocals to kill for, "The Weight" is seriously everything i've ever looked for when it comes to this kind of vibe."
- Stereofox
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